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Floor School and Candidate Instruction
Please remember we have Floor School and/or Candidate Instruction most every Tuesday and Wednesday. Check the calendar.

Results of Election for 2017-2018 Officer Elections

On June 6, 2016, the election of officers for the coming year was conducted.

The following persons were elected to serve.

Worshipful MasterAlbert R.Alvarez Senior WardenRichard P. Evans, APM Junior WardenRussell L. Roberson TreasurerDavid Kisselburg, PM SecretaryScottie L. Clark, PM Senior DeaconRobert D. Cook, Jr. Junior DeaconBruce W. Hammond, PM TilerGlen A. Eichelberger, PM ChaplainNorman K. Fountain, PM

Fort Worth Masonic Service Bureau
Monthly Meetings - 2nd Wednesdays
Dinner: 6:00P - Meeting: 7:00P

July 2017 Meeting Information
Hosted by Cooke-Peavy Lodge #1162
1100 Henderson St.
Fort Worth, TX 76102

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