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64TH Masonic District of the Grand Lodge of Texas
Meets 4 Times per Year - Jan, April, July, & Oct
Forth Monday of Each Meeting Month with
Dinner at 6:00P & Meeting at 7:00P
Next Meeting - Monday April 24, 2017
Tarrant Lodge #942
2115 Belle Ave
Fort Worth, TX

Following Meeting - Monday July 24, 2017
Tabernacle Lodge #1195
5320 Woodway Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76133

Following Meeting - Monday October 23, 2017
To Be Announced
Please note: New MWSA officers are elected and installed at the July
meeting. Future meeting locations will be published at the July meeting.
For more information please see

Fort Worth Masonic Service Bureau
Monthly Meetings - 2nd Wednesdays
Dinner: 6:00P - Meeting: 7:00P


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