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Cooke-Peavy Lodge No. 1162 was chartered by the
Grand Lodge of Texas on December 19, 1921

PGT W.W.Peavy
W.W.Peavy, PGT

The lodge was originally chartered as W.W. Peavy Lodge and named for the Past Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Texas, W.W. Peavy. PGT Peavy died in 1921. After the death of PGM W. Stephenson Cooke in 1951, the Lodge petitioned the Grand Lodge to change its name to Cooke-Peavy Lodge No. 1162, in honor of PGM Cooke for his vision to combine Masonic bodies in one location in

PGM W.Stephenson Cooke
W.Stephenson Cooke, PGM

Fort Worth. It was PGM Cooke who was the visionary and driving force behind the Fort Worth Masonic Temple. PGM Cooke was one of two who worked to create the W. W. Peavy lodge. The other was Brother G.R.M. Montgomery. Brother Montgomery was a PM of Fort Worth Lodge No. 148 and Cooke was Potentate of Moslah Shrine at the time.

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